Brita Jenquin
Still looking for 10+ volunteers to run spring elementary clubs

Thank you to everyone who already signed up to be a club leader!  We are still looking for at least 10 more parent or community volunteers willing to host a spring afterschool club. Becoming a club leader can be as simple as bringing bin of Legos and letting students build or organizing a kickball game on the back field. There are also clubs like the Rampage newspaper club where the idea/materials are available if a parent is willing to run it.  

If you can volunteer, please fill out this survey with your club information by next Friday, March 15:

Important information: 

- Clubs will start the week of  April 1

- They run 6-8 weeks (so you have 6-8 total sessions)

- You pick the time/day (most typically run from 2:45-4pm)

- We assign you a room/location for your club based on size/requirements

- You can charge a fee if your club requires special materials, equipment, etc. 

- Think about having a co-leader -- partnering up with another parent gives you an extra set of hands

- Students sign up for clubs via the Spring Club Lottery, but student(s) of a club leader automatically get assigned to their club

Other club ideas: Pokeman, chess, debate, art, photography, history, geography, poetry, model rocketry, robotics, origami, butterflies, Chinese, Spanish, running, kickball, knitting, environmental, Crazy 8's, computer coding, science, spelling bee, mindfulness. 

Thanks for helping create great afterschool enrichment opportunities for our students. 

Brita Jenquin

(Mom of Beatrix/4th, Konrad/7th and co-leader of the Spring Board Game Club!)