Amanda Brown
Please read this week's message!

Good Evening RPEMS Families!


Please take the time to read all of this week’s information! We have a list of celebrations, special events and updates to share with everyone. 


First, I want to start with celebrating and commending the Ladies of C.L.A.S.S. and their presentation of “Pages from Our Coloring Book” on Thursday and Friday. Friday night was standing room only and the show was an incredible display of our student’s hard work and talent. A big thank you goes out to Ms. Young and her leadership with executing the show, and all of the teacher and parent volunteers that supported the production. Thank you to Ms. Dena Fisher for her videography and our very own students, Katie Nelson and Kaniya Davis. Katie wrote most of the script and designed the shirts, and Kaniya supported with the overall production of the whole show. The energy and production was inspiring.

Additionally, this past weekend our students competed in district competitions at National History Day and Science Olympiads.  We are proud to announce that we had 11 out of 18 students placed in the National History day competition. With more wins than any other years we have competed! Congratulations to all of the students for the amazing work, and their social studies teachers for the guidance given throughout the year.  These students will move on to the State National History Day competition.  Additionally, our students who competed in the Science Olympiad tournament won 10 of 17 events!  They too will be moving on to the state championship at the end of the month. We are all incredibly proud.

All of these events and celebrations further demonstrate the truly unique qualities of our students and our school’s vision of providing opportunities for every student to pursue their passion.  Your continued support of all enrichment programming ensures we have these experiences.

This coming week we have more special events and some extremely important meetings that determine the future of our school.  I encourage everyone to stay involved this week and attend the evening events if you are available.  Everyone’s input is important.

This week we have:

  • National Reading Month- Dr. Seuss themed with Dr. Santelises- Monday at 1pm in our school library – She will read to a 1st grade class in honor of National Reading Month
  • March for Our Schools in Annapolis at 6 pm.  As shared in my email on Saturday we spend year after year facing budget deficits to adequately fund our school. This year included! Demand from Annapolis adequate funding so we can ensure every student is given the education they deserve.
  • “Puppy with a Purpose” from WBALtv will make a special visit with our PK-4th grade students on Wednesday, March 13th. Students will learn about the work Camden has been doing as he prepares to be a service dog.
  • School Family Council Meeting, Wednesday at 3:30 and 6 pm in the library.  Information about the principal selection process will be shared. Dinner and childcare will be provided. Please plan to attend.
  • Budget Review, Wednesday at 5 pm in the Multi-purpose room.  After or before the SFC meeting, please join me to hear about the budget decisions made for the upcoming school year. This will include the plan for staff and needed supplemental funds to bridge our funding gap.
  • “Stone Aged” Scholastic Book Fair Family night- Thursday, March 14th at 5:30 pm. Join us in celebrating reading, books, and family fun for our annual book fair!
  • School closed for students- Friday, March 15th


Lastly, I wanted to follow up about the incident that occurred two weeks ago afterschool. While I do not have any specific updates or new information, I still wanted to make sure the community knows that School Police have responded to the information provided and are following up with the student and his school. I also want to ensure everyone that the school is continuing to review our safety practices overall and with staff.  We have reviewed expectations for afterschool programs and will continue to have support outside as needed. In our assessment, we will make any necessary updates to continue supporting student safety and security.  We continue to remind students and families of our policies related to visitors and outside doors in a collaborative effort to secure our building.

I look forward to the busy week ahead and all of the opportunities to engage our students in different learning experiences during and after school hours.  Please celebrate your student all of they have done this year! We are so proud of each student here at the school and enjoy watching them grow each day.



Amanda Brown