Jason Newton
JUNE 1st Deadline to Close Budget Gap


Closing the budget shortfall has new urgency: The RPAF has a deadline of JUNE 1st to close the school's $235K budget gap.

Parents we need you NOW! Without your help, we lose New Fit Kids, the coaches that strive to keep our kids moving, and safe, in bully-free setting on the playground. The same goes for the Code in School programs which teach 21st century skills, essential for success in our digital age.

Without the funding, there will be: 

NO additional 3rd grade teacher 

NO funding to add to the gifted and talent pool 

NO additional custodial crew  

NO new assistant principal focused on equity, achievement and restorative practices.

Only a handful of families have made the monthly commitment to give to the Annual Fund, but we need more of you. A lot more.

We can make this happen…we’ve done it before. Let’s Strive for 235 by JUNE 1st and ensure that our kids are, and stay, safe, happy and learning!

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